Soft drinks: what you need to stock in 2024

With a growing selection of new products and trends to consider, and with limited space, making the right soft drinks choices for your store is important.

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Get range ready

From exciting and innovative brands to those everyday stable sellers, we've got some tips to help you get range ready…

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    Stock favourites

    Shoppers may not always know exactly what product they want, but they will expect to see all the big brands they trust, so stocking fan favourites such as Pepsi Max or 7Up is essential. Make sure your shelves are full of the usual best-sellers, with a mix of formats between cans and bottles.

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    Merchandise for success

    Where you can, order by brand and flavour to make it easier for customers to view your selection. There are eight main categories to consider when stocking your chillers: carbonated, energy, water, juice & iced tea, kids, healthy, dairy & protein, and iced coffee.

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    Offer value with price-marked-packs

    Currently, 66.9% of sales in the convenience channel are PMP, an increase from 66.0% in 2021. As shoppers navigate the cost-of-living crisis, the importance of PMPs will continue as they offer reassurance on price whilst multi-packs will also benefit as people seek value for money.

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    Sell drinks to take home

    At-home occasions look likely to continue with people going out less due to tightening budgets. We recommend stocking larger soft drink formats to tap into this market, as well as traditional mixing products that can be used at-home, such as our Britvic tonic water.

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    Cater for the health concious

    The health trend continues to grow, and sugar is often top of mind for shoppers when choosing a soft drink. It’s important to stock wellness drink options to offer shoppers choice. Products like Purdey's or Aqua Libra are perfect options.

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    Stock premium options

    With the number of people continuing to cut out or reduce their alcohol intake, stock an eclectic mix of soft drinks, including premium options, can bring in new customers to your shop. So, while value will always be important, selling a variety of price points can cater to a wider audience.

  • 7

    Offer kids drinks

    Don’t forget to stock a range of child-friendly products as well. For young children, fun colourful fruity brands like Fruit Shoot are a must - with a selection of great tasting flavours and non-spill caps, you can't go wrong. For teens, their choice becomes a little more experimental, so stocking interesting cordials, fruity juice drinks and flavoured waters from big name brands will keep them smiling.

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