A bold, refreshing cola fizzing with excitement! Thirsty for More? Offer Pepsi MAX flavoured cola variants, available in Cherry, Lime and Mango.

Why stock Pepsi?

Looking for a beverage that will be sure to please your customers? Pepsi Max is a great choice! 

  • Cola is the No.1 Soft Drinks, with Pepsi MAX being THE brand driving the category forward across the last 4 years! *
  • Not just 1 great drink. We have a portfolio of Pepsi flavours and caffeine-free options
  • Leaders in Flavoured Cola & 5 x bigger than biggest competitor's flavours **

* Source:  NielsenIQ RMS, Total Coverage, Soft Drinks Brands, Britvic defined volume sales, MAT  WE 22.10.22. NielsenIQ RMS, Total Coverage, Pepsi MAX, Value Sales Growth, MAT  4YA to WE 5.11.22.

** Source: NielsenIQ RMS, Total Coverage, Pepsi Max Flavours & Coke Zero Flavours, Value Sales, MAT  WE 22.10.22.

Pepsi Varieties

Offer a variety of options and flavours

  • Pepsi Regular

    A bold, refreshing cola fizzing with excitement!

  • Pepsi Diet

    The same iconic Pepsi taste, just lighter.

  • Pepsi Max

    Maximum taste, no sugar.

  • Pepsi Max Cherry

    Great Pepsi Max taste with a refreshing cherry twist.

  • Pepsi Max Lime

    Great Pepsi Max taste with a zingy lime twist.

  • Pepsi Max Mango

    Great Pepsi Max taste with an exotic mango twist.

  • Pepsi Max Caffeine Free

    Maximum Taste. No Sugar. No caffeine

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