London Essence

At The London Essence Co we continue a tradition established towards the end of the 19th century. Our predecessors used the knowledge and science gained during the creation of essences for leading perfume houses, to revolutionise the way food and drink companies thought about flavour.

Why stock London Essence?

  • Each one is delicately light & low in calories

  • Exquisite drinks from distilled essences

  • Designed with world renowned mixologists

London Essence Range

A beautiful range of tonics, delicately light gingers and sophisticated sodas for your premium offering. We offer a breadth of range and flavours designed to entice the palate.

  • Tonics

    Our selection of premium, light and low-calorie tonics includes four innovative flavour pairings, which serve up classic flavours through a contemporary lens. Created to provide an alternative-yet-elegant drinking experience, the tonics in this collection range from herbal Grapefruit and Rosemary to warming Pomelo and Pink Pepper.

  • Sodas & Lemonade

    As well as our perfectly balanced, triple-filtered Soda Water, we're pleased to offer a unique collection of Crafted Sodas and Lemonade. From the elegantly fragrant notes of White Peach & Jasmine, to tropical Roasted Pineapple and crisp, zesty Pink Grapefruit, our innovative recipes have been thoughtfully developed to deliver a light and low-calorie drink.

  • Gingers

    The mixers in this collection are derived from ginger in several forms, which enables our experts to extract flavours that vary in depth and richness. These essences are then blended with other, carefully selected botanicals to create a refreshing, light and low-calorie beverage.

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