Grow your sales with on-demand convenience

Do you offer a delivery service? If so, you’re part of an emerging channel that may be small at the moment, but has huge potential long term. But how can you make the most of the opportunity now?

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Capitalise on seasonal events

People usually spend more when using a delivery service, however, when the weather warms up, use of delivery decreases as people are out and about more. So encouraging them to continue this behaviour outside of winter can only be a good thing.

Use seasonal occasions such as sporting events like The Hundred, Father’s Day or bank holidays during spring and summer to draw attention to your delivery service. Promote drinks and snacks to enjoy with a game, or cards and gifts for Dad which your local shoppers can get quickly and conveniently.

Know your delivery shopper

You should focus your attentions on shoppers aged 35 – 44. This age group spends +24% more and orders online +16% more often compared to the total market. There is also room to grow this age groups appetite for convenience delivery.

Overall, delivery shoppers are more affluent than in-store shoppers and a younger audience is also key to its success. On average, more men tend to shop in this way and those aged 18 – 24 shop delivery more often than they shop in-store.


Lumina Intelligence 2022

Promote the right products

Do you have a hot counter or drinks machine? Convenience delivery shoppers are more likely to buy hot food and drinks to go. In fact, these items attract +97% and +182% higher spend respectively.

When promoting your delivery offering, make sure you are letting shoppers know this is available, particularly at the weekend as it tends to be a more popular occasion; while hybrid working could also be an opportunity to attract mid-week custom in the right areas.

Lumina Intelligence, July 2022

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