Make hydration more appealing

The simple act of hydrating doesn’t need to be dull and convenience stores often offer some of the most varied selection of drinks around. Add into that the trend for alcohol-free alternatives and functional soft drinks, such as Purdey’s natural energy range, and there is plenty your store could stock to become a local hub for all things hydration…

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Innovative drinks for your store

Alongside your core range of best-selling soft drinks, there are numerous innovative options to consider stocking. Often falling into more premium or health-focussed categories, these can add a diversity to your drinks chillers and allow you to cater for different customer needs. Let’s explore some of the options:

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    A fermented tea, kombucha is claimed to have probiotic benefits and can help to add sour notes to drinks

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    Cold-Pressed Juice

    Made by pressing rather than blitzing fruit and vegetables, cold-pressed juices offer raw flavours and are packed with the vitamins, antioxidants and minerals of their former hosts.

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    Iced Tea

    Tea is claimed to be full of antioxidants and can provide a good base to many thirst-quenching long drinks. Think about stocking herbal and fruit teas, as well as green and other variants to add interest

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    Non-alcoholic Spirits

    Alcohol-free spirits are growing in popularity and can be paired with classic mixers. Many are made with botanicals and fruits to create a healthy and hydrating gin-less tonic, for example.

Showcase your drinks offer

Whilst soft drink sales are strong all-year-round, the summer months are a great time to draw attention to more unusual flavours and brands, especially if they offer additional health or functional attributes.

Use POS to highlight your selection. You could even call out specific health claims of beverages that consumers might not be overly familiar with.

Convenience stores have a great opportunity to be a local hub for all things hydration, from classic colas to inventive NPD. So, it’s worth reviewing your chillers on a regular basis to see what’s selling and keeping track of the trends to see where you can add creativity to encourage further sales.

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