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Includes any large businesses (250 or more employees)

Large businesses in England selling food for immediate consumption. And food sold by large businesses online including third party delivery companies e.g. Deliveroo


Schools, military, hospital/social care, workplace canteens – unless these are provided by another large business.

Volume price restrictions:
• Micro and small businesses (fewer than 50 employees)

Location restrictions:
• Micro and small businesses
• Stores smaller than 2,000 square feet
• Specialist retailers selling one type of food product (e.g. chocolatiers)

  • No end of aisle placements
  • No store entrance displays
  • Not in check-out and queuing areas (instore and online).

The legislation includes:

  • Food and drink offered for sale in a form which is suitable for immediate consumption.

The legislation excludes:

  • Fresh fruit/veg, uncooked meat, cheese.
  • Temporary menu items on sale for less than 30 consecutive days and a total of 30 days a year.
  • Alcoholic drinks over 1.2% abv.
  • Condiments provided to be added by the consumer.
  • On international transport to a foreign country.
  • Charitable activities e.g. raising funds at a single event.
  • ‘Off menu’ food, prepared at request of the customer.
  • Pre-packaged food and drink.

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