6 Things you need to know about your shoppers

With consumer habits ever changing, here are six top things you need to know about your shoppers...

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Did you know...

  • Shopping habits are changing

    Although basket size and spend has declined in the last year we are seeing an increase in the number of visits shoppers make each week. This shows us that consumers are using stores for smaller but more frequent trips, instead of the larger trips popular during the pandemic.

  • Most popular categories

    The three most popular categories are chilled foods, bakery items and soft drinks so ensure that you stock a wide range of these items for your customers to encourage them into your store. Purchases of soft drinks in particular have grown in the last year (+2.1%) .

  • Value is key

    Did you know that four in five consumers now consider themselves very value led? Shoppers are looking for cheaper options and are moving away from eating out as often. Consider offering services that can add value to your customer such as a Post Office, pharmacy or delivery/return collections.

  • Price needs to be right

    The need for good pricing has increased due to the dramatic rise in living costs, especially on everyday essentials such as cooking sauces and cereals. Similarly, shoppers are switching from expensive purchases to smaller treats so consider offering premium ranges that tempt shoppers to trade up, while still being a lower cost alternative to dining out.

  • Snacking deals present a new opportunity

    Over a third of shoppers are interested in snack deals which contain four or eight items to suit different sized families. Consider swapping out the usual crisps for a healthier snack to appeal to the growing number of consumers who are looking for healthier options.

  • Shoppers buy more online

    Shoppers who use delivery services are doing so more often and spending higher amounts, particularly 35-44 year olds. Weekends are popular with 48% of shoppers more likely to order on a Saturday, compared to in-store shoppers so ensure you are targeting weekends by highlighting bundle deals for nights in at home.

All findings taken from the Lumina Intelligence, Convenience Tracking Programme, 12 WE 30.05.21 vs 12 WE 29.05.22.