What do your shoppers want from delivery?

So you have a delivery service, but how can you entice more shoppers to take advantage of its convenience?

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Planned top ups and meal occasions are the top two missions for delivery shoppers. They are planning ahead, but value is the most important driver. The top reasons for shoppers choosing a convenience store delivery service are good prices and low delivery costs. While you need to make sure a delivery service is worthwhile, offering delivery passes for your most local customers could be a good way to keep them loyal to your store.

Delivery Deal Ideas

Meal occasions are growing +57% among delivery shoppers, so it’s an area to go after.

  • 1

    Weekend Winner

    Try offering meal deal packages which include a large bottle of drink, main meal, side dish and dessert for a set price.

  • 2

    Themed Bundles

    Theme any meal deals for specific occasions such as Valentine’s Day to raise awareness, offering a chance to trade up with a bottle of wine or box of chocolates to increase basket spend

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    Gifting is Growing

    Birthday packages could be a great way of encouraging your locals to use your delivery service more often – try packaging up a celebration cake, bottle of bubbly, a birthday card and banner