New look, same great taste

New look Pepsi is here and we're Thirsty for More. The iconic new design aims to re-ignite the passion for Pepsi and expand it far and wide.

In the UK, Pepsi MAX is in more households by consumer choice - with the 2023 summer taste challenge proving that 70% prefer the taste of Pepsi MAX! So, here at Britvic we’re excited about this new visual approach and see the huge potential it has in driving further growth in the Pepsi brand and wider soft drinks market.

With the goal of attracting younger shoppers, while retaining existing customers, the rebrand focuses on great taste and refreshment – reasons that align with research showing 70% of cola consumption occasions are driven by consumers who say they 'enjoy the taste'1

With exciting new pack designs for all formats rolling out across grocery, wholesale and convenience. The rebrand will create a consistent identity across the Pepsi MAX®, diet, regular and flavoured cola ranges, with new packaging visuals, in-store materials and displays. Below you can see examples of how it will show up across different packaging:


The vibrant new look will grab the attention on the shelf, playing a key role in drawing younger consumers into the category. As the number one soft drink category2, worth £6 billion cola presents a major sales opportunity3, and this rebrand will help retailers maximise sales by sparking a renewed interest in the brand. Pepsi and Pepsi MAX® are well-known and loved by many, but as a brand with such a rich history, it’s vital that we work to evolve its look and feel, driving relevance for the next generation. Ben Parker, Britvic Retail Commercial Director in Great Britain

The rebrand forms part of Pepsi’s vision to ensure long-term growth in the cola category. By modernising its flagship Pepsi brand with bolder, more vibrant packaging, this refresh helps retailers capitalise on sales amid evolving consumer tastes.

Pepsi Rebrand FAQ's

It’s been 14 years since Pepsi introduced a new logo and visual identity. As a brand that’s on the world stage and interacts with millions of people every day, it’s important to revisit the brand's look periodically to ensure we are continuing to resonate with our target audience and today's culture.

Pepsi has been the choice and the voice of every new generation for over a century, and this new iconic visual identity reflects Pepsi’s continued growth and bold vision for the future.


No, there will be no reformulation of any of the current Pepsi range at this time.

Ireland has already begun producing the new packs to be ready for the upcoming launch of their DRS scheme, while GB's first production run is scheduled to begin from January 15th.

Production of the new packaging began in January and is working its way into wholesalers across the country so expect to see it very soon.

Of course! The roll out of the new branding and packaging will be gradual and with no SKU changes or reformulation of the product, there are no issues in selling through your old branded Pepsi stock.

New Pepsi POS Kits

Available to pre-order now! Get your NEW Pepsi POS kit reflecting the new branding to allow for a seamless transition in your store and unlock more versatility to engage your shoppers! 

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