Tango Apple Sugar Free

Stock Tango Apple Sugar Free 500ml

With soft drinks the second most popular category bought on PMP [1], and therefore integral to the category, there is no better time to launch our Tango Apple Sugar Free in a PMP 500ml format. In the current landscape, consumers are looking for good value for money when on-the-go and PMPs offer the reassurance of value to shoppers. 

As well as being able to offer a popular format, it is important for retailers to provide a range of sugar free options to meet the demands of more health-conscious consumers. Tango is the fastest growing fruit flavoured carbonate brand with much of the growth being driven by its sugar free range which is now– worth £46m and has grown a whopping 85% versus a year ago [2]. Tango Apple Sugar Free launched last year and has been incredibly successful reaching £15m sales over the last year [3] proving consumers are loving the same great taste of Apple Original, in a sugar free formulation.   

More reasons to stock up now… 

  • Brand is the most important factor for customers when buying soft drinks [4] so Tango is a key must-stock for outlets 
  • Soft drinks bought on PMP are mainly driven by impulse purchasing [5], so a perfect must-stock for convenience retailers 
  • 95% of consumers have said that Tango Apple Sugar Free has the same great taste as the original [6], so there’s no compromise for your customers  

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